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WinZip is a utility program that allows you to compress and collect several files so that you can send them as a single attachment via email. This is especially useful if you want to send someone a collection of pictures or graphics. These directions will show you how to create WinZip files. The directions will also explain how an email recipient will  "extract" and save the individual files to their hard drive. If you don't have WinZip, you can download an evaluation copy from their web page; . Your email recipient does not need this!

I am going to write these directions as if you were going to send a collection of pictures.  Keep in mind that WinZip can compress and collect any kind of files.



Create a folder somewhere on your computer and save your collection of pictures to that folder.  I suggest you create a folder on the desktop.

Start WinZip by double-clicking the desktop icon or by going to Start, then Programs, and then WinZip. If you are using an evaluation copy of WinZip you will see the following screen. Click I Agree.

If the Tips screen appears (see below), click on Close.

You are now at the Main WinZip screen as seen below. Click on New.

You will now be asked where you want to save your WinZip file and what you want to call it. I suggest saving it to the Desktop so it is easier to find later. You can call it anything you like. Follow the 3 steps suggested in the diagram.

Now you are at the Add Files screen. Find the folder with your pictures in it. Hold down the Control Key as you click on each picture you want to add to your Zip file. Finally click on Add.  See the screen shot that follows.

Once you've clicked on the Add button the Zipped file will be created where you told it to.  If you followed my directions there should be a zipped file on your Desktop.  The icon for it looks like a file cabinet held in a vise. You are now looking at the following screen.



This makes it very easy for the email recipient!

You could just close the window above and send the Zip file you just made as an email attachment. However, your email recipient would need to have WinZip to retrieve the files within.  Here's how to make that file be self-extracting so they don't need anything.

While still on the screen above, click on Actions and then on click on "Make .Exe file"

If you are using an evaluation copy of WinZip you will see the following screen. Click OK, but note the message. In my opinion, it's best to purchase this very useful product.

You will now see the screen below. The Zip file you just made should be named on the top line. If it's not, you may have to browse for it. Type the following on the bottom line... "c:\windows\desktop\junk"  This will automatically create a folder on the email recipients desktop called "junk". Now click OK.

You will be asked if you want to test your self-extracting WinZip file. Click on No.

Close all open windows. You are done!  Now just send an email to someone and attach this self-extracting WinZip file to it.  You may want to send along the following instructions.



Save the emailed attachment to your desktop.

Double-click on the desktop icon representing the file you just received. The screen that appears will look something like the following;

Simply click on Unzip. Do not change anything else.  A folder will be created on your desktop and it will contain all of the pictures that were sent to you in one complete folder.

Once unzipped, you can delete the file that was sent to you unless you want to email it to someone else.



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