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Color is considered one of the most useful and powerful design tools there is. People respond to different colors in different ways, and these responses take very often place on a subconscious, emotional level. Color symbolism can vary dramatically between cultures. Research has also shown that most colors have more positive associations with them then negative.  So, although some colors do have negative connotations (such as Black for a funeral or for evil), these negative elements are usually triggered by specific circumstances.  Peoples age also has an effect on how colors are perceived.  For example, children tend to like bright, happy colors. 

What Colors Symbolize

Color in Religious Symbolism

White:  Symbol of light; signifies purity; joy and glory
Red:  Symbol of fire and blood; signifies charity
Blue:  Symbol of heaven; signifies truth
Green:  Symbol of nature; signifies hope of eternal life
Purple:  Signifies sorrow and suffering
Black:  Signifies death

Color in Heraldry

Yellow or Gold:  Honor and loyalty
Silver or White:  Faith and purity
Red:  Bravery and courage
Black:  Grief and sorrow
Green:  Youth and hope
Purple:  High rank and royalty
Orange:  Strength and endurance
Red-purple:  Sacrifice


Spring is pink and green
Summer is yellow and blue
Autumn is orange and brown
Winter is red and black


January is black and white. Its birthstone is the Garnet which signifies constancy
February is deep blue. Its birthstone is the Amethyst which signifies sincerity
March is gray or silver. Its birthstone is the Aquarmarine which signifies courage
April is yellow. Its birthstone is the Diamond which signifies innocence
May is lavender or lilac. Its birthstone is Emerald which signifies love and success
June is pink or rose. Its birthstone is the Pearl which signifies health
July is sky blue. Its birthstone is the Ruby which signifies contentment
August is deep green. Its birthstone is the Periodot which signifies married happiness
September is orange or gold. Its birthstone is the Sapphire which signifies clear thinking
October is brown. Its birthstone is the Opal which signifies hope
November is purple. Its birthstone is the Topaz which signfies fidelity
December is red. Its birthstone is the Turquoise which signfies prosperity



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